Heritage city with renewed business attraction

Why we are in Surat:
  • Highest household income in India; household income in Surat has grown at a 16% CAGR over 2004-2008, as compared to 14% in Ahmedabad, 13% in Mumbai and 11% in Delhi.
  • 30% population is SEC A & B
  • A young city; 74% of the population is under 35 years
  • Low per capita mall space indicates high growth potential
  • Growing number of high-end niche hobby clubs like the Surat Bikers Club and the Hi-Flyer Aero-modellers Club
Why we are on Dumas Road in Surat:
  • Highest retail sales per sq. ft. in Surat
  • Primary growth corridor
  • Hub for recreation and entertainment
  • Affluent neighbourhoods such as Vesu, Dumas, Magdalla and corporate townships such as GAIL, L&T, Reliance and ONGC are located in the super-primary catchment
  • Cluster of luxury car stores such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes, with combined monthly sales of 50-60 vehicles
Where we are focusing on in Surat:
  • Vesu
  • Piplod
  • Adajan
  • City Centre