About Virtuous Retail

Master Retailer

VR has adopted a ‘Master Retailer’ approach with a dual focus on retailer and consumer communities. We do this by creating high performance retail environments with strong urban connections.

VR brings together an informed investment approach, service-oriented operations, a diverse pool of human talent and global expertise.

For Retailers

  • Quality real estate
  • Strong catchments
  • Risk mitigation
  • Standard lease templates
  • International design standards

For Consumers

  • Wide-ranging and locally relevant amenities
  • Hospitality level service benchmarks
  • Focal point for the community
  • Tailor made brand mix that addresses market gaps
"The cycle of growth between the owner and operator of the centre, the retailers and the consumers leads to our centres being a focal point for the community. The relationship of mutual success creates a virtuous cycle, and hence the name Virtuous Retail."
-- Sid Yog
Founder & Chairman
Virtuous Retail