About Virtuous Retail


Focused on the top 10 urban markets in India, Virtuous Retail's portfolio strategy is to develop location-specific retail formats. Each VR centre has been designed and leased keeping in mind the catchment, competition and gaps in the micro-market.

Lifestyle Centres

Aiming to cater to the increasingly prosperous and discerning Indian consumer are regional retail, food and entertainment destinations. Designed and operated as per international standards, these centres offer consumers unique retail and entertainment experiences.

Neighbourhood Shopping Centres

Designed to serve dense residential catchments, Neighbourhood Shopping Centres are anchored by a hypermarket and supported by in-line service-oriented retail. The NSC format effectively mitigates risk by introducing strong anchors in a compact format leading to effective utilization of space.

Luxury Retail

Increasing prosperity and greater awareness of global trends are spurring the growth of the Indian luxury market. With this view, Virtuous Retail is developing niche luxury retail spaces that cater to the discerning consumer.